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ta! [26 Aug 2003|09:09am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

blah. dearcharlene

so maybe no more random low-quality photos. e.g. matt bellamy, muse, etc.


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arty farty, dude. [25 Aug 2003|12:37pm]
[ mood | sick ]

my journal will be located at dearcharlene soon.
it'll be a photoblog.
i'll hang up a sign when i'm leaving.
hell, i'll miss this stupid username.

not at school today. fucking sick.

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BOOM BEBEH! [24 Aug 2003|08:47pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

i'm back.
and i'm exhausted.
can i skip school tomorrow?

i took the most pictures in pangkor island. i had a real blast. i'll probably post a huge set of photographs here. maybe i won't. i took about 170 pictures and it would be a real pain in the arse to upload them.

i also did a very stupid thing. i signed up for a digicam rally which i am positive i am going to lose. i have no idea at all what to do for any of the themes and it is even harder since we are not allowed to fine-tune the photos a single bit. still, there's no harm in trying, eh?

also:my favourite photograph from pangkor::

i feel offended

haha! we all should be glad shamine still has her sense of humor despite all this gooey shit in her nostrils.

after this i will be downloading abba's "voulez vous" on kazaa
and i'll be taking of my piercing tonight before i go to sleep.
hopefully i'll end up sick tomorrow so i can get some rest.

p/s: this chick adzuki_ilanthus is probably the most moronic, idiotic [and i meant that literally] sow ever produced by god. i feel kind of lucky to know such person in my real life. because i tell you, there are not many fuckers like this out there! what an entertainment! keep the bitchiness coming, nisa. your stupidity is an amusement to me. also, have you considered for a major english tutor? your english is getting worse by the day. but of course, i'm sure you already know that.

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i'm doing this again. [21 Aug 2003|12:47am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

pierced my left ear.
i was highly inspired by adrin [flutterflywild].
it hurt less than the normal ones.
whoo pee doo.
hope this hole will heal soon.
i'm a bit too lazy to take care of my ears.

tell me if this is a little too big

i can see the flake from the spray that makes your skin numb.
i'm quite ashamed that i don't know what the spray is called.
not sure if anyone can make the photo out.
the fish bones earring is located on the normal place where you pierce your ears.
and the small diamond one is slightly further up.

drum lessons :: 16 days!! omfg!! WARRGH!! whoooo! ooh ooh yeah yeah yeah!!

P/S: happy birthday mummy! love you lots.

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5 second work [19 Aug 2003|11:11pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

5 seconds to shoot the photo.
5 minutes for editing.
5 fucking hours to wait for it to be uploaded.

i want a new journal. badly. i'd name it dearcharlene.

today i met up with liyana again. i miss talking to her. i miss chatting with her. i miss her jokes. i miss her attention. i guess i've been spending too much time with "the gang" which half of it consists of girls that can't think of anything else but their so-called 'real-life-crushes' who doesn't even know their name or if the girls even exist. i'm sick of this. i need a break. i try to change the subject drastically by talking about something else and most of them gave me the look as if saying::

"dude. we're not interested in what you're talking about."
"uhm. okay."
"whatever, shamine."

kushwin smiles plainly when she hears me talk. christina sometimes rolls her eyes. jane grins at me as if she doesn't know what the fuck i'm talking about. shalini gives me the look as if she wants me to shut up which has the ability to make me cry. but i have the ability to hold back. so it's basically 3 on 1.

i'm sick. the situation makes me gag. i feel the need to stay away from the gang for quite a while. it's getting boring. and no, you have nothing to do with this, poshgurl1, you're the bestest best friend i've ever had. i hope you understand what i'm feeling. it's just that the girls have different mentalities than i do. suddenly i feel like i don't fit in.

must get out.

i'm talking cock. it's just one of those days when i get my period. i get all cranky and these moodswings struck me like a lightning. i hate periods. though i have this pleasure of feeling how much blood tends to run out from my body. i feel as if i'm losing weight when i'm actually not. placebo. umm...good.

it's almost 12 p.m. and i would love to put my lovely drum lessons countdown to show that the days left until 6th september are decreasing. but nevermind. i'll update again tomorrow morning. *shrugs*
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eew [19 Aug 2003|09:06am]
[ mood | numb ]

i hate looking at my fingers on the keyboards nowadays.
it's fucking fat since i've been putting on weight.
how the hell do you slim down your fingers?

i've been dreaming again.
this time it was me waiting for my school bus in my pyjamas.
when the bus came i rushed out to put on my socks and shoes.
suddenly i realised::"wait a minute! i don't have my uniform on!"
then i woke up.
sheesh. weird weird dreams.

i'm skipping school on friday. off to pangkor island. yay.

drum lessons :: 18 days!

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thebachelorette [17 Aug 2003|01:12pm]
[ mood | blah ]

i'm guessing ma soeur means my sister in french. i think i've heard that phrase once or twice. i was still brave enough to put the text on the photograph, despite the fact that i'm not sure if it does mean my sister. i better go check on the translator after this.

last night i dreamt that i accidentally chopped off my four fingers [except my thumb] because i was lifting up a plate of glass and dropped it all of a sudden. why was i lifting it? i think i remember seeing plenty of ice creams and popsicles underneath. i guess i was a bit greedy and i was in a hurry so i started lifting them with my two hands and suddenly i heard screaming so i dropped the plate and i didn't realize it at first, but i was sure i cut myself. i checked myself for any wounds and my mother came and said::

"shamine...what's wrong with you fingers?!"


the first thing i thought when i saw my right hand finger-less was::

"how the fuck am i going to play drums with this hand?!!"


drum lessons :: 20 days!!

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whow. [16 Aug 2003|11:05am]
[ mood | satisfied ]

yesterday was super fun to the maximum.
i took some shots of the funniest pictures.

terri's niece [i'm guessing her name is spelt "indie"], zeph, terri [lestari], adrin [flutterflywild], and shana [thebachelorette].

+more photographic fun+Collapse )
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you're either absolutely mad or you are joking, shamine. [14 Aug 2003|12:05am]
[ mood | artistic ]

my intention was to take pictures of my new shoes.
i guess things went the other way when i started to photograph my sister.
she brought a wig to my room and put it on.
i just had to see how it looked like being on my head.

i have to apologise to myself for the unbalanced tone.
i used black & white together with sepia plus a coloured one too.
oh well. nevermind.

and. i'll be burning this matthew bellamy shirt soon after i finish this. hah.

::killer.for.the.sore.eyes::Collapse )

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wow. my over-pretentious theme song. [13 Aug 2003|09:51am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

i love this song.

i miss björk. too much.

i miss listening to her songs to sleep.
i miss her arrogant ramblings.
i miss browsing through her photos and admiring her looks.
i miss searching through ebay to find her stuff.
i miss her ways of pronouncing words.
i miss her voice.

i am patiently waiting for her next album.
i am not even sure if she's making a new one.
i'll wait.

drum lessons :: 24 days
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i'm a rabbit in your headlights [12 Aug 2003|10:28am]
[ mood | crappy ]

today i woke up smelling hydrogen peroxide.

i checked my email today. a long one came from poshgurl1. i replied a shit load of words to her, and hit the "send" button. normally when i email people i will send the message back to my account too, just to see how it turns out like. and i checked this one, whe whole email was a blank. no words, zero, zip, nada. i spent half an hour typing that email, and nothing turned out at the end. everything got erased.

now that is a good reason to be depressed about.

i am back to my "radiohead mood" since i heard my iron lung ep for the first time two nights ago. the album's pretty haunting. yesterday i ended up on my electone seat, figuring out the chords for the song "punchdrunk lovesick singalong". i managed to. whoo hoo! my hearing is excellente!

that song reminded me of a collaboration thom yorke did for UNKLE. they released a single called "rabbit in your headlights". i remember watching the video on "senor moby's house of music", i think it's one of the best videos i've ever seen. a man wearing a coat walking in the middle of a tunnel and getting hit by cars. he gets up and starts walking again. gets hit again by a huge car. gets up and starts walking again. rolled over by a car, tore all his clothes from all the accidents, but never gives up. he walks again shirtless until the end of the video. it was excellent. now that's my kind of optimism.

i love the lyrics too.

"if you're frightened of dying and then you hold on
you'll see devils tearing your life away
but, if you've made your peace
then the devils are really angels
freeing you from the earth...from the earth"

it's like reading thom yorke's version of the bible.
lovely. just lovely.

drum lessons :: 25 days

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soy un perdedor [11 Aug 2003|10:10am]
[ mood | okay ]

last macro photo
picture unedited.
enough of macro shots.
i'm setting up for panorama from now on.

never mind the crappy image
i am probably the biggest loser on earth.
when jane told me i missed two new lizzie mcguire shows, i felt like crying.
eew. gag. gag.
when jane told me she'd send me "some matt mcguire pics" i get a little bit too excited.
eew. gag. gag.
but at least i have enough guts to say that i actually "like that show".
or "i actually have a huge crush on the co-star and i want to shag him till he drops"
oh well. i guess shamine is not that pretentious after all.
because she knows plenty of some who are.

skipping school on friday. co-curricular activities. going out with thebachelorette and flutterflywild for some phototific fun.

drum lessons :: 26 days

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spam. must. die. [10 Aug 2003|11:30pm]
[ mood | sad ]

meh. yeah. right. i'm sick of getting porn spams on my account.

got back from johore. i miss dom already. i want to hug her back to sleep. dom, you're the best cat i've ever met. i love you, sweetie pie.

i'd probably be the happiest girl on earth if i can get these.
my shoes are basically rotten.
and they stink.
they stink just as much as my feet do.
i must buy new shoes.
must buy new shoes.
must...buy...shoes. with striped laces.
must. oh. must. spend. money. to. buy. shoes.

must need dom to make me feel better. *cries*

drum lessons :: 27 days

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[08 Aug 2003|08:39pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

happy 13th birthday darhling.
can't come to your party. sorry.
have fun!
and, uhm. smoking kill.

christina made me type out these::

today christina spilt water on the corridor and up the stairs where everybody walks through to get back to class and goes around picking on people that walks by screaming "oh my god!!! you pissed on the floor! it stinks!"

ok chris. satisfied?

oh, by the way.


boo yeah.

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fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck [07 Aug 2003|09:02pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

must use profanity.

my father is threatening us that he'd kill dom.
unless we do something and keep dom out of the house.
he was wondering if we'd cook dom for dinner.
he is one hell of a psycho.

so we have to send dom away back to opah's house. i'll fucking miss dom. i wub her so very much. <3

browsing through my old photo archives is going to be
a daily activity for me from now on.
i found one photo, which features me, with a mid-length layered shag,
sniffing my "origin of symmetry" CD cover.

fuck. i miss my long hair. i hate it when this happens.
here we go again!
i'll start thinking that i'm bald.

oh, also.


"ladies, i am teh shit."

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photo-quote-esque [05 Aug 2003|07:21pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]

"looks like there's light at the end of the tunnel"

i've never believed in such quote.
yes. i'm pessimistic.
it works sometimes when you do believe in it.
but most of the time it doesn't.

we are hopeless.
i do accept that.
but we are allowed to complain when shit happens.

notice how much the camera can disguise reality?


i hate the feeling i get when i enter this house.
i hate thinking of what i should do for tomorrow.
and i have nothing to do for an escapism.

it's weird. i am such a happy prankster at school. but things drop to zero when i come home. i think i've been in such a bond with my friends. i'm starting to think of them as a part of my family. i don't have many of them, but thank god, at least i learn to appreciate the ones i have.

i called christina a sow today [talk about appreciation!] for smacking my arse with her books while we were packing outside the science lab to go home. a supposedly 7-year-old girl came up to me saying::

"sister, did you just say s-o-w?"
"yah. don't get influenced by me though. *smiles*"
"are you a malay?"
"yah. *smiles*"
"are you a muslim? i mean are you a malay and a muslim?"
"sure. *smiles* why would i be wearing a tudung if i'm not? *smiles*"
"oh okay."
"bye! *smiles*"
"bye bye."

as for the fact that i hate kids, and have a strong urge to kick their tiny arses when they scream out cries of laughter, i tried controlling myself in front of the girl. seriously, i can't stand kids [most probably i am one myself. wey hey.] but i didn't have to try hard. the girl was very cute indeed. i liked her hair. short and spiky. and she was brave enough to come up to me. i like that.

i don't know what was it with the whole "are you a muslim" thingy. is it because i called christina a sow? muslims aren't allowed to say that. i think it's a sin. but it was meant to be a joke.

oh well. whatevah.

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technical problems!! achtung! [03 Aug 2003|09:59pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

i'm going to have a hangover from all of this!!!

i tried connecting a printer to the pc.
i failed to install the model.
but i tried printing the pictures anyway.
of course, what was i thinking, nothing worked.
my old printer prints out codes i don't understand
instead of the photos i want to print out.
i sighed so fringging loudly
and connected back the old printer to the computer.
and then suddenly it worked.
the photos. nice and clear. printed out.


oh well. at least the photos look good. glossy glossy glossy!
i am. so. relieved.

no one online on my msn messenger. i have 30 contacts and no one is online. that's weird.

crucify my enemies

"yesterday i woke up sucking a lemon" [03 Aug 2003|12:53pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

there are times when ridiculous sentences dance around in shamine's head.
today's ridiculous line :: "yesterday i woke up sucking a lemon"
ooh la la.

yesterday we went to sungei wang plaza. i was there so i can buy a program that will accept the type of data from the music i made on the electone but i failed frustratedly.

but i got myself a camera adapter and a skylight filter. i only had to pay RM30 for it because my father insisted he payed the rest of it [RM180]. so yes. i'm happy enough [even though i also failed to get the wide angle lens. grr.]

at night we went for some kareoke. oh well. i don't remember much of what happened. i only remembered that me and thebachelorette took the honour of immitating avril lavigne's way of singing skater boy. or sk8er boi. whatever.

today i experimented with the skylight filter. the sun was shining so fucking brightly so i thought that wass the best time to do it. i first tried without the filter, then with the filter. i could see the difference. the clouds look warmer and much clearer. yay.

a view from the window in my room.Collapse )

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sob.sob. [01 Aug 2003|09:49pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

this is way too nostalgic.
i feel like crying.
i miss australia so much.
i miss the people.
i miss the wicked stuff they sell there.
and now browing back through my photo files,
i found random shots i took there with my old c-2zoom.
and one in the shopping centre.
ahhh. the shopping centre.

not bad a quality for 2.0 megapixel

now this place. is where the magic happened.
it was where we got muse's hullabaloo dvd.
the dvd that lead me to what i am now.
but i'm not going any further.

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DUDE! [31 Jul 2003|10:29pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

shahira's not here.
bloody heck.
i'm going to kill her.

crucify my enemies

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