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"yesterday i woke up sucking a lemon"

there are times when ridiculous sentences dance around in shamine's head.
today's ridiculous line :: "yesterday i woke up sucking a lemon"
ooh la la.

yesterday we went to sungei wang plaza. i was there so i can buy a program that will accept the type of data from the music i made on the electone but i failed frustratedly.

but i got myself a camera adapter and a skylight filter. i only had to pay RM30 for it because my father insisted he payed the rest of it [RM180]. so yes. i'm happy enough [even though i also failed to get the wide angle lens. grr.]

at night we went for some kareoke. oh well. i don't remember much of what happened. i only remembered that me and thebachelorette took the honour of immitating avril lavigne's way of singing skater boy. or sk8er boi. whatever.

today i experimented with the skylight filter. the sun was shining so fucking brightly so i thought that wass the best time to do it. i first tried without the filter, then with the filter. i could see the difference. the clouds look warmer and much clearer. yay.

one heavy pieace of picture. ISO 400. sepia-toned. badly cropped.

so this is basically what i look at while i get myself high and digging out my packet of you-know-what at night. no, i don't do it everyday. i do feel the need to breath in some fresh air every once in a while.

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