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"looks like there's light at the end of the tunnel"

i've never believed in such quote.
yes. i'm pessimistic.
it works sometimes when you do believe in it.
but most of the time it doesn't.

we are hopeless.
i do accept that.
but we are allowed to complain when shit happens.

notice how much the camera can disguise reality?


i hate the feeling i get when i enter this house.
i hate thinking of what i should do for tomorrow.
and i have nothing to do for an escapism.

it's weird. i am such a happy prankster at school. but things drop to zero when i come home. i think i've been in such a bond with my friends. i'm starting to think of them as a part of my family. i don't have many of them, but thank god, at least i learn to appreciate the ones i have.

i called christina a sow today [talk about appreciation!] for smacking my arse with her books while we were packing outside the science lab to go home. a supposedly 7-year-old girl came up to me saying::

"sister, did you just say s-o-w?"
"yah. don't get influenced by me though. *smiles*"
"are you a malay?"
"yah. *smiles*"
"are you a muslim? i mean are you a malay and a muslim?"
"sure. *smiles* why would i be wearing a tudung if i'm not? *smiles*"
"oh okay."
"bye! *smiles*"
"bye bye."

as for the fact that i hate kids, and have a strong urge to kick their tiny arses when they scream out cries of laughter, i tried controlling myself in front of the girl. seriously, i can't stand kids [most probably i am one myself. wey hey.] but i didn't have to try hard. the girl was very cute indeed. i liked her hair. short and spiky. and she was brave enough to come up to me. i like that.

i don't know what was it with the whole "are you a muslim" thingy. is it because i called christina a sow? muslims aren't allowed to say that. i think it's a sin. but it was meant to be a joke.

oh well. whatevah.
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