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soy un perdedor

last macro photo
picture unedited.
enough of macro shots.
i'm setting up for panorama from now on.

never mind the crappy image
i am probably the biggest loser on earth.
when jane told me i missed two new lizzie mcguire shows, i felt like crying.
eew. gag. gag.
when jane told me she'd send me "some matt mcguire pics" i get a little bit too excited.
eew. gag. gag.
but at least i have enough guts to say that i actually "like that show".
or "i actually have a huge crush on the co-star and i want to shag him till he drops"
oh well. i guess shamine is not that pretentious after all.
because she knows plenty of some who are.

skipping school on friday. co-curricular activities. going out with thebachelorette and flutterflywild for some phototific fun.

drum lessons :: 26 days
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