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yesterday was super fun to the maximum.
i took some shots of the funniest pictures.

terri's niece [i'm guessing her name is spelt "indie"], zeph, terri [lestari], adrin [flutterflywild], and shana [thebachelorette].

terri and zeph

zeph in a trance [sorry, dude!], adrin getting caught in her vanity, and shana wearing terri's shades

charlie's angels, my arse!

artistic macro mode shot of a bee caught in the wrong album [sesat punya gambar]

zeph caught molesting adrin! ;p

zeph caught molesting max, too! [and he seems to like it!]

threesome!!! [adrin being squished like a helpless bug]

starfish tits! who doesn't want them?!

everyone wanted to grab adrin's starfish...

best picture ever. terri smiling wide and adrin giving the mirror her donald duck impression

the four of us were the only ones left in the end and i was brave enough to use flash

yeah, dude. fuck you.
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