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i'm guessing ma soeur means my sister in french. i think i've heard that phrase once or twice. i was still brave enough to put the text on the photograph, despite the fact that i'm not sure if it does mean my sister. i better go check on the translator after this.

last night i dreamt that i accidentally chopped off my four fingers [except my thumb] because i was lifting up a plate of glass and dropped it all of a sudden. why was i lifting it? i think i remember seeing plenty of ice creams and popsicles underneath. i guess i was a bit greedy and i was in a hurry so i started lifting them with my two hands and suddenly i heard screaming so i dropped the plate and i didn't realize it at first, but i was sure i cut myself. i checked myself for any wounds and my mother came and said::

"shamine...what's wrong with you fingers?!"


the first thing i thought when i saw my right hand finger-less was::

"how the fuck am i going to play drums with this hand?!!"


drum lessons :: 20 days!!

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