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i'm back.
and i'm exhausted.
can i skip school tomorrow?

i took the most pictures in pangkor island. i had a real blast. i'll probably post a huge set of photographs here. maybe i won't. i took about 170 pictures and it would be a real pain in the arse to upload them.

i also did a very stupid thing. i signed up for a digicam rally which i am positive i am going to lose. i have no idea at all what to do for any of the themes and it is even harder since we are not allowed to fine-tune the photos a single bit. still, there's no harm in trying, eh?

also:my favourite photograph from pangkor::

i feel offended

haha! we all should be glad shamine still has her sense of humor despite all this gooey shit in her nostrils.

after this i will be downloading abba's "voulez vous" on kazaa
and i'll be taking of my piercing tonight before i go to sleep.
hopefully i'll end up sick tomorrow so i can get some rest.

p/s: this chick adzuki_ilanthus is probably the most moronic, idiotic [and i meant that literally] sow ever produced by god. i feel kind of lucky to know such person in my real life. because i tell you, there are not many fuckers like this out there! what an entertainment! keep the bitchiness coming, nisa. your stupidity is an amusement to me. also, have you considered for a major english tutor? your english is getting worse by the day. but of course, i'm sure you already know that.

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