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5 second work

5 seconds to shoot the photo.
5 minutes for editing.
5 fucking hours to wait for it to be uploaded.

i want a new journal. badly. i'd name it dearcharlene.

today i met up with liyana again. i miss talking to her. i miss chatting with her. i miss her jokes. i miss her attention. i guess i've been spending too much time with "the gang" which half of it consists of girls that can't think of anything else but their so-called 'real-life-crushes' who doesn't even know their name or if the girls even exist. i'm sick of this. i need a break. i try to change the subject drastically by talking about something else and most of them gave me the look as if saying::

"dude. we're not interested in what you're talking about."
"uhm. okay."
"whatever, shamine."

kushwin smiles plainly when she hears me talk. christina sometimes rolls her eyes. jane grins at me as if she doesn't know what the fuck i'm talking about. shalini gives me the look as if she wants me to shut up which has the ability to make me cry. but i have the ability to hold back. so it's basically 3 on 1.

i'm sick. the situation makes me gag. i feel the need to stay away from the gang for quite a while. it's getting boring. and no, you have nothing to do with this, poshgurl1, you're the bestest best friend i've ever had. i hope you understand what i'm feeling. it's just that the girls have different mentalities than i do. suddenly i feel like i don't fit in.

must get out.

i'm talking cock. it's just one of those days when i get my period. i get all cranky and these moodswings struck me like a lightning. i hate periods. though i have this pleasure of feeling how much blood tends to run out from my body. i feel as if i'm losing weight when i'm actually not. placebo. umm...good.

it's almost 12 p.m. and i would love to put my lovely drum lessons countdown to show that the days left until 6th september are decreasing. but nevermind. i'll update again tomorrow morning. *shrugs*
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